New Mexico Vintage Poster

Yo! I hope everyone is doing good and looking forward to an amazing weekend. I just wanted to take the time out to showcase a new project I’ve been working on. Using the creative power of Adobe Photoshop, I edited and transformed a vintage travel poster! A shout-out to Google Images for providing the picture and credit to the artist as well. Now, you’re probably wondering why I picked New Mexico when I could’ve picked any other country the world has to offer?

The reason I decided to go with New Mexico is because I love the culture and traditions they share and the authenticity of the land and its surroundings. I have no personal ties to the country, but I would love to visit the place one day. The poster itself attracted me by its colors and art style. It was simplistic in detail yet still held a lot of visual information. My fine arts professors always tell me that sometimes less is more! The warm colors are also a nice touch and the composition is well thought out. Between the dark reds and cool blues, the original artist definitely has an eye for color theory.  The two figures within the image aren’t covering the text at the top and so I used Adobe Photoshop to match the fonts and switch up the text a little. Showing a little love to CT 101 as I do always and this was a good opportunity to work with more tools than I ever have while working in Photoshop. I also edited the original text at the bottom as a reminder that I’ll see you on the web and to “surf by internet”! This is a digital era we’re living in now so that line makes sense (at least to me).

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this piece and I plan on putting out more projects such as this in the future! I definitely want to practice more digital media using Adobe’s services and programs. There’s so much that can be done with these tools and it’s endless. For all of my CT 101 colleagues this assignment can be found in the DS106 Assignment Bank.

Until next time, later!

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