K Michael Russell

Yo! It’s been a while since I last posted on the site, but I just wanted to give a quick recommendation for anyone that’s into visual art, comics, and storytelling like yours truly. Go check out K Michael Russell’s channel on YouTube! He has tons of tutorial videos where he talks about comics, color theory, composition, and he even offers some really good approaches on how to improve your art as well. I’ve been checking out a lot of his work lately and I’m just taking it all in. There’s so much material regarding sequential art I’m learning from him and it’s amazing! While Russell works primarily with Adobe Photoshop – I usually work with Sketchbook Pro. However, the good thing about his tutorials is that whether you’re working on a traditional or digital medium – the rules can be applied ANYWHERE! I hope you guys take a look at his stuff and maybe you’ll learn some new things in the process. That’s all for now, later!


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